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"Awaken your senses & expand your consciousness"

Are you willing to take a risk? Are you willing to take an unknown journey? Are you willing to move everything around in your life to connect to this strange thing called "Pleasure", "Eroticism" and your "Body"? Are you hungry to meet your erotic soul?
Are you willing to choose a life of pleasure and sexual wholeness instead of inheriting your legacy of sensual pleasure handed to your from your family? Are you willing to detach from that?

Tantra massage session

90 minutes:  3000 Czk 

2 hours:        4000 Czk

3 hours:        6000 Czk

Love-life coaching


One 60 minute Session:  1500 Czk

Couple:    2500 Czk

Pranic & reiki healing


One 60 minute Session: 1500 Czk

Eating psychology consultancy


One 80 minute Session: 1500 Czk

Five 1-hour sessions

package:    6000 Czk

*Couple practice

If you desire to bring your fe/male partner and help her/him to learn how to satisfy you, you are very welcomed! I will show her on you how to touch you so she feels comfortable and you both enjoy giving and recieving pleasure and healing touch. If that sparks something in her & she'd want to be gentle massaged on her yoni (intimate parts), I can recommend you courses where you can learn the art of sensual touch. 

Let's celebrate the joy our bodies can give us, release blocks in being intimate & let's bond on deeper levels with our loved ones!

This service, 3 of us, will be charged as:

90 minute session: 4000 Czk

True change never happens when we attack and punish self, or aim hate at our own body or soul. It’s only the positive, uplifting, life affirming strategies that deliver real transformation and lasting satisfaction.

We need approaches that doesn’t shame us, make us feel like we need to keep fighting our body, and that indeed helps us find a way of nourishing ourselves that truly ignites our soul and is in alignment with not only our pleasure potential, but our personal potential as well.


So, dear one, let me introduce you to a well-being tantra ritual for your empowerement!

Accept the invitation to feel more
Experience greater energy in your body
Calm your mind, dive into higher states of awareness and bliss
Explore and cultivate your sexual energy and orgasmic capacity
Awaken your sensual side, sensitivity
Get to know blissful, healing states your body can offer you
Open to Recieving without having to perform
Support your over-all health, vitality
Enjoy pleasure, Connection
Learn how to be present in your body-

Feel yourself from inside
Get to know your intimate areas

Learn the art of touch
& self-care, freedom, joy & deep relaxed peace 

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