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Tantric encounter 

This is an enlivening, nourishing & intimate experience & bodywork.

A space to lay down the armor, tension & stress and breathe in the fresh air. Your time to receive a taste of sensuality, presence, extended energy & awareness. Encounter with a Goddess. An adventure to remembering your essential nature. 

Tantra elixir is a holistic therapy, energy medicine, and a transformative Ritual. It connects your vital areas into One. It is a journey to wholeness. It connects your mind to your body, your heart to your sex, your energy to your awareness, and your being to the source of potential bliss. 

With intention, conscious loving touch, meditative presence & relaxed concentration on the awakening pleasure we create a sacred space where the deep opening is possible, spontaneous healing can occur as well as experience of your full, uninhibited, whole-body orgasmic flow. 

I offer you my knowledge and my expertise around sacred sexuality:  It is time for awakening senses, a slight caress, heart resonance & erotic innocence.




"Sensuality.. that blissful feeling of being totally present in the body, senses fully open and expanded, every molecule alive with vital energy. Since we are embodied beings sensuality is our divine gift. We are embodied so that we can feel so that we can use our senses to experience the innate beauty and joy of our existence. Perceiving the wisdom and power of sensuality is one of the most important steps on the path to awakening."

- Sharon Rose

Tantric touch as I practice it, clears the way for the sexual energy to circulate freely in the body and promotes vitality, peace of mind, and a fulfilling sensual experience.


This massage alters your level of consciousness, heightening your feelings so that, with practice it enables you to control extend your enjoyment and moments of ecstasy.








It will sensitize your body. We practice letting go of any particular experience and staying open to the present moment as it is.

 My Tantric touch gives you the opportunity to go deep into yourself and to feel yourself from the inside. I awaken the God in you. 

Receive this sacred Ritual for the well-being of your Body, Mind & Spirit.

Accept the Blessing  & enter transcendental dimensions with me.

You can relax into your own sensual experience knowing I am there for you. From many years of experience, working with thousands of very pleased clients, this gives you more than a superficial, performative fuck. For real! lol


This deep, intuitive, intimate bodywork will also help you release & flush out negative emotional energies & experiences out of your system. It will calm your nervous system & help your cock to feel relaxed, aware & loved. You will know how to have a sensual-sexual experience without grasping, rushing, or stressing. Natural, unhibited orgasm is yours!

 CURIOUS to try?

You would love to surrender to me: +420 778 591 380.

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Simona has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Tantra trainings & seminars, Certification for regenerative & sports massage


My search for exploring tantra as a "sacred sexuality model" led me not only to India but to explore the spirituality & deep philosophy behind tantra, yoga & meditation. I am bringing a fresh & natural approach to this vital area.


Love & Life Coaching

Bring topics on sexuality, premature ejaculatcion, sex addiction, relationships, how to /get to /be intimate with your partner,  finding deeper meaning in challenging situations, personal development, emotional intelligence and release, self-acceptance & body-love.

"What makes us happy?"

Teach me how to touch him/her"

Passion, pleasure, arousal.. are in high demand today. However, it is natural & healthy to recognize & nourish our bodies through conscious touch. I  offer you a session where I show you how to touch, heal, connect & satisfy your partner.

Everyone requires a different approach - learn the language of the body.


Reiki & Pranic Healing

Being curious about health & awareness of the body-energy system we all have led me to become a practitioner of channeling universal healing energy through me. It is the source I rely on while practicing massage. Think Body Blessings & Bliss to you!

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