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Reiki Treatment

"Dear Simona,

I just wanted to say again how amazing, how beautiful I found our session on Wednesday. It was the best tantric massage I have ever had, from the very first touch of your hands. I had a feeling beforehand that our meeting might be something quite special; I could only have dreamed how much so. I was wishing I had been less nervous at the start, and more able to discuss the session; I think I was a bit off-balance as I was leaving so soon. As it turned out, none of this mattered. As our session progressed, a calm relaxation, a feeling of wellbeing, trust and contentment, grew into something so strong. I feel we reached a connection, body and soul, and felt oh such a bliss, which I wanted to go on forever, and am so glad that you were able to feel this through me. At the end, overcome by waves of physical ecstasy, very strong and deep emotions were released in me and brought to the surface. At the time I felt unequal as to how to process them; even now, I struggle to find the right words. But your skill and grace, your beauty and empathy, are bright within me. I still wish we had more time, to hold one another, and that I didn’t have to leave so quickly; all the same, I’m so glad we made those few hours together so beautiful. Maybe our paths will cross again, in Prague or elsewhere; whatever the case, take care, with love, and thank you," - Mark, Ireland

"Thank you so much for charging my batteries with your energy. That was wonderful." - Stefan, Germany

"Truly exceptional. My whole body was vibrating energy. You touched me like there was more to me than skin." - Chris, Bergen

"Simona has a warmth & sweet nature about her, and once her fingers caress your skin she will leave you in a state of complete relaxation & bodily fulfillment. She soothes away all the tensions of reality and immerses you into a blissful state of pleasure." - Nick, US

"Hi, Simona,

Thank you for your magic. I felt connected to you, to your beautiful soul, to your thinking and talking, to your beautiful body. Somehow, I think I needed to meet you and It made me a better person, or a better soul.  Thank you again." - Gonzalo, Spain

"Simona is a very good therapist. Her massage is excellent and I felt I was in good hands with her Magic and soft hands. We had a very good Connection and a good conversation before the session. I will strongly recommend her." - Ole, Norway


"There is a reason for meeting up with a tantric massage therapist and that is the awesome experience an Expert can give you. 

You are a very calm, emphatic, and beautiful lady. When we met I felt that I could trust you in all. You are nice to talk to and you are surrounded by a very good atmosphere.  

It was very easy to relax with you.

I closed my eyes and You brought me to places I never knew existed, you gave me peace of mind, I felt like a was traveling in space with you. I saw pictures and colors in my mind. Your hands are good as gold, soft as silk. I felt ways I never thought  I would feel. It was awesome from the beginning to the end. 

You loosened up all my stress and you made me forget everything else in the world.

The way my body reacted just before the final end.. That was so good. As I told you the happy ending is like when you are full after dinner, but it is the journey there that is the best. 

2.5 hours in heaven with you.

Thank you!" - Anonymous


It felt like a swim in an ancient ocean, the water at body temperature You were current, changing from woman to the power of that ocean.

In the beginning, I lay down, and slowly you took me out of the everyday world, loosening the bonds between body and mind, the pleasures of my body in time with the dreams of my mind, in time with my breath. When they all came together, wave upon wave rushed through me and over me. And the ocean picked me up and twisted, turned and tantalized, the swell of the ocean undulating inside me.

And in those moments of greatest intensity, timelessness.

All my sexual energy is shared throughout my whole body, reminding my body and mind that they are one.

In some ways, it was like a ship in trouble on the sea, the wind and the waves pushing the crew to their limits but with faith, they make it because they love the sea despite the dangers.

It was good to talk at the beginning, like walking along the seashore as the ripples wash over our feet. When the massage started then another part of you came through natural authority, sensuality, relaxed concentration, and thoughtful kindness.

I don't want to get too esoteric because the physical pleasure was amazing and it lasts till now. I'm in real joy when you touch my cock and make it so hard, and then persuade it to grow soft, and hard again, the feeling that I am orgasming inside not outside...

You seem quite quiet, thoughtful, more likely to walk than talk but we have known each other a short time, and we've only really met at the spa, You are welcoming, I can trust you, After the massage, you felt it best not to talk about it but let it sink in and take effect inside - perhaps this shows your patience, understanding, confidence in knowing that the 'answer' will come in good time.” - Ewan











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